An opening for change occurred in San Francisco last fall. There was the passing of the Urban Ag Ordinance, a biodiversity bachelor thesis looking at beetles on green roofs and a visit by green roof colleague Stephan Brenneisen, PhD, ZHAW. This combination led to many meetings with civic entities, a spontaneous tour of several of the cities green roofs and a lasting collaboration with SwissnexSF. We have now worked together to sponsor several tours, education sessions, policy panels and a specialty trip to Switzerland for policy delegates to experience low cost solutions and look at strategies to move green roof policy forward in San Francisco. A recently published "Professional Design Guide to Green Roofs"(Timber Press 2013) Co authored with Karla Dakin also helped instill a green buzz. We have now proven successful with SPUR's newly launched "Green Ribbon Task Force" dedicated to move green roof policy forward and San Francisco hosting the Cities Alive World Green Roof Congress this year. The wheels are now turning and we have momentum to soon see a greener San Francisco.